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Guard Master Disposable Hooded Coverall White (XL) Tuffsafe


Guard Master Disposable Coveralls are designed to protect against noxious dust and splash and act as a dry particulate barrier and repellent. These coveralls have been stitched internally and come complete with hood, elasticated cuffs, back and ankles.

Features and Benefits
• One way front zipper with 1-ply stormflap for extra protection
• Made from 55gsm SMS (spunbond, microporous spunbond) which is breathable
• Lightweight
• Liquid repellent to protect the wearer
• Designed to zip over neck, to above the chin to protect exposed neck areas

• EN13034 for limited protection against liquid particles (Type 6)
• EN13982-1 (Type 5) for protection against solid particles

• Cover shoes and gloves supplied separately

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