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Kevlar® Sleeve, Cut Resistant, With Thumb-slot, Yellow, 14″ (Single) Tuffsafe


Delivering Level 3 cut-resistance, these yellow Kevlar® sleeves are ideal for use where handling and the construction of sharp materials are commonplace. Comfortable to wear during prolonged periods, these sleeves are also ideal for handling goods of a higher temperature to protect the arms against excess heat.

Features and Benefits
• Available in a choice of lengths from 10″-24″ for optimal fit and convenience
• Thumb slots allow for dexterity while maintaining palm and arterial protection
• Durable Kevlar® fibres deliver a long-life product

Typical Applications
• Metalwork
• Glass construction and fitting
• Assembly
• Building and construction

• EN388:2003 1.3.4.X.
• EN407:2004 X.1.X.X.X.X.

• Kevlar® is a DuPont registered trademark
• Sold as a single sleeve only – not as a pair

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